Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who We Are!

     Where to start?  We are the Joneses!  A family of 5 living and loving life in Pineville, Louisiana.  

     We were a regular ol' meat/fast food/restaurant eating family until recently.  Because of some health issues, we were forced to rethink what we were eating and why we ate it.

     Kyle was hospitalized with chest and heart pains nearly one year ago.  In June of 2011, he was diagnosed with Prinzmetal's Angina.  This heart condition, which is hereditary, causes the body to lack the nitric oxide needed to dilate the coronary arteries in the heart.  Instead of a plaque build up or blockage, the heart has a "spasm" and clamps shut.  The same releases found during a heart attack are found during one of these "episodes".  After waking 2 nights in a row with chest pain, we headed to the ER where they PROMPTLY whisked us off for more testing and lots of bloodwork.  Not a fun weekend :)

     Shortly after his release from the hospital, we vowed to include more rich, leafy green veggies to naturally boost our intake of nitric oxide.  We began to juice during the week, and cut back on our consumption of red meat.  We have slowly cut out fast food and dining out, but it was still part of our meal-plans until recently.

     We are now on the journey to cut 99.9% of meat and dairy from our diet.  Will it be hard?  Maybe, but it is worth it!  We are lucky to have the support of family who are making the changes along with us, and giving us tips and suggestions as we go.  I look forward to blogging about our journey, and including our meals and foods that we discover along the way!


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