Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Favorite Hobby...

MEAL PLANNING!  I purchased a few Kindle cookbooks (which I used on the tablet to felt strange not flipping through a book!)  

First Step:  Browse old recipes/Look for new, exciting ones to try (We try to include one new recipe per week to keep it from getting boring)

Second Step:  Meal Plan!  List out all meals options for Lunch and Dinner (include any sides!)

Third Step:  Make a shopping list!  I separate my grocery list into sections.  I've always been a "list maker" (it's in my blood! haha)  I love making lists!  I group my items into the section of the store it is found in. It helps me remember to get everything on my list, and keeps me out of the "Aisles of Temptation" :)

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