Saturday, March 24, 2012

Re Thinking: Sushi

     If there is one food that I have grown to LOVE, it is sushi.  There is nothing better than a girls night, with sushi and plum Fuki to bond over :)  For the last few weeks, as we have cut out all meat and dairy, we did continue to eat sushi.  

     After reading "Food Revolution", I am to the point where I  am ready to commit to no meat, fish, or dairy period.  None!  That book has opened my eyes so much!  I would recommend it to anyone thinking of changing their eating habits to a plant based diet.  I got to the section last night titled "Fishful Thinking" and actually had to put it down.  I KNEW that if I read that section, I wouldn't want to eat salmon or sushi again.  I picked up my Kindle, and put it back down again.  Finally-I just got it over with and read through it.  Glad I did!  It is scary to learn about all the toxins found in our oceans and rivers.  Even scarier was the section about fish farming.  One year ago, when I starting to clean up my diet, I clung to my salmon, happy to know I was making sure to get my omega fatty acids.  Now-I question how much benefit it was!  Now-I did make sure to buy wild salmon (instead of farmed), but there is not telling what else I consumed with it :(

     Anywhoooo, long story short, Saturday is our "sushi day".  We go to one of our favorite sushi restaurants, and just enjoy it all.  Especially my favorite roll, which is deep-fried with lots of "bad for you stuff" in it. LOL Today I tried to change it up, and rethink what I could do to keep the tradition, but make it better in a plant based diet.  We found that it was actually pretty easy to eat veggie at a Japanese restaurant!  

    Because of time, I ended up calling in an order "to go".  They offered 3 vegetable rolls.  One was full of marinated peppers/carrots/avocado/cucumber/tofu, and was DELICIOUS!  I can't believe I didn't try it before now.  The other 2 were very basic, and "meh"...I spruced those up with soy sauce and eel sauce :/  They were just a basic cucumber roll and a basic avocado roll.  I paired the rolls with a bowl of organic Miso soup that I got from Kroger, and some steamed edemame from the freezer.  Total meal for the 2 of us was a little under $15.  Not bad from the same couple that easily spends $80 on one sushi meal!  

     And, since my kids were not in the mood for sushi, I kept the theme and rolled them some "Peanut Butter Sushi" with peanut butter, chopped peanuts, and raisins in an artisan wheat/corn blend tortilla.  Added some fresh carrots and blueberries :)

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