Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Do We Eat?

       I wish I could sum it all up in a label:  vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian...that would be so much easier! :)

       Instead, I would say we are "vegan-leaning" with occasional fish/seafood meals.  We aren't opposed to eating meat or dairy once in a blue moon, but would rather stay far away because of the links to heart disease and cancers.  Our weekly mealplans are "plant based", with no dairy/meats.  (This includes turkey and chicken!  Not just red meat!)

        For people just getting started (like we were not THAT long ago!)  I suggest taking baby steps.  For nearly a year, we worked to cut out processed foods and fast food.  We cut red meat out of our diet, but still ate chicken, turkey, pork, fish, and dairy.  After Kyle was hospitalized, it was a real wake up call!

       In the last year, I (Miranda) saw my weight drop from nearly 200 lbs to 127 lbs.  I no longer have to take medication for high blood pressure, and a post-natal thyroid issue that I had is no longer an there.  The only issue that I am facing now is anemia, which is due to issues with my cycle, etc.  I am working with my PCP and OB-GYN to get my iron levels up to a normal range...I will definitely keep you updated!

       We also were glued to our Netflix and Internet over a long weekend, and watched nothing but health documentaries.  "Forks Over Knives" is a great one that focuses on the benefits of a plant based diet, mainly heart health.  "The Gerson Miracle" is another good one that discusses the growth and halting of cancers with a plant based diet.  

        Before we did the "big switch" to plant based, I was a firm believer in the quality of our foods.  We have bought organic since my oldest was a baby.  We did make steps to control the amount of preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, and pesticides that were in our food.  There are also some great documentaries that really make you think about what you put in  your body, even for meat/dairy eaters.  "King Corn", "Food, Inc.", "Killer at Large", and the famous "Supersize Me" were a few that I watched.  They really impacted the way we ate!  If you are a reader, anything by Michael Pollan is great :)

       I hope this is a good start to what this blog will be about!  I will DEFINITELY say that we are by no means perfect, and we will have slips and breaks along the way.  But-even a bad day for us now is a great day compared to where we used to be!


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