Saturday, March 31, 2012

ReThinking: Pizza Night!

No-i'm not taking credit for making this.  I absolutely detest homemade pizza!  No matter the toppings, I just don't like it.  For take-out pizza, we started by just getting cheese instead of my favorite:  pepperoni+sausage+steak.  (This was a few months ago)  After awhile, I began getting mushroom and cheese, since I looooove mushrooms.  Kyle and the kids only like them.

After we decided to give up dairy, I got my regular mushroom pizza, but selected the "Light Cheese" option.  Now they only added a couple tablespoons of cheese instead of a thick, greasy layer.

Today, we wanted pizza and decided to go "cheese free" from Dominos.  Now, I know they still use dairy in the crust and in the garlic topping, but I felt much better about it not having an inch of cheese on top.  I can also tell a difference in the way my taste buds work.  Foods that used to gross me out actually taste AMAZING these days.  For example, I am in love with red bell peppers these days!  I have never liked bellpeppers much!  One of the toppings that is offered is roasted bellpeppers, and O-M-G!  They are great! Also added baby spinach and mushrooms, since I know I like them.  In a pinch, this was a good meal and very cheap/filling for us.  Add a big salad and some tea, and you're set!

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