Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Time: Healthy Foods!

As luck would have it, the first day of Easter break had us cooped up inside because of rain.  As I was cleaning and organizing the sunroom, I came across a pile of old Southern Living and Redbook magazines.  Knowing the the kids love anything artsy-craftsy, we decided to make a poster to showcase some "healthy foods".  

Yes-this is a total health class assignment, but guess how many health classes my daughter gets to go to.  NONE!  And she only gets 30 minutes of physical education per week.  They go to PE every Wednesday, and that's it!!! Too much class time is focused on not leaving the children behind academically.  In a time when more and more kids are obese and facing diseases that once only plagued adults (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), I try to do what I can at home to teach them about healthy choices and why it is important to eat the right things.

So-project of the day-posters!  Each kiddo flipped through magazines, and cut out pictures of "healthy foods".  It was fun to see what they thought qualified to go on the posters, and also a good opportunity to talk about why we don't eat much of certain things!  Anyway-enjoy the pictures...they were very proud of them :) 

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