Monday, March 19, 2012

Grocery Trip!

Packaged Stuff:
A Happy Fridge! LOL


  1. I know that a lot of the vegan diet consists of soy. Are you not concerned about a lot of soy...especially for the guys? The phytoestrogens can cause some bad symptoms (think BPA and phthalates). I know a lot of stuff says that it all depends on the quantity, but Neil saw a huge difference in the way he felt (in a very good way) after going off of soy milk(he only had one glass/day) and cliff bars (that he didn't even eat every day)! Just curious. We stay away from as much soy as possible (minus the occasional soy sauce). Hard to do though, since some part of soy seems to be in everything!
    Lots of good-lookin' organic veggies! yum!

  2. When I first read through this, the first thought that came to my mind about Neil was "soy sensitivity". Kyle drinks/eats soy with no problems. Much of what we have read in regard to the phytoestrogens, etc are from an excess of soy. (One man who experienced problems was drinking 3 quarts a day of soy milk!!! Also-the dairy industry spends tons of money to try to prove soy is evil...)

    That said, soy is really the kids' preference to drink. (The Silk individual aseptic packages are great for school lunches) They also use it in their cereal. Kyle prefers almond milk, and I prefer coconut milk. Thankfully there are non-soy AND non-dairy alternatives :) I've also heard rice milk is good, but I haven't tried it!

  3. Also-what symptoms did Neil have? (Kyle was wondering LOL)

  4. Maybe he should talk to Neil about that one...Let's just say that getting off of soy made him like me more. So much more that it was very obvious that the soy was doing the opposite. Nothing horrible...he probably wouldn't have really noticed too much if he had stayed on the soy...but getting off of it made him notice! LOL. even that is probably TMI. ha.