Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whole Foods Grocery Haul

Instead of cheese=nutritional yeast!  Also gets B12 in :)

Love these individual containers!  Perfect for when you only need a splash or two for sautéing!

Finally found a baked tortilla chip that is wonderful!  

Kombucha!  Love this for times when I feel my digestive tract is lagging or if i've eaten junky.  It is a fermented tea.

LOVING Ezekial brand foods!  They are made from sprouted grains, and found in the frozen section.  

This was suggested in one of the Engine 2 recipes (the sausage one, breakfast tacos)
This is a soy-based substitute product, but is low fat, so it fits the "plant strong" bill :)

Ok-not "plant strong"...has Veganaise, but is so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it on crackers for lunch.

Love my produce drawers!  

I have been missing my salad dressing with EVOO :(  Found this at  WFM, and was hoping it would taste decent.  It is awesome!!!!!  No added oils!

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