Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I'm Reading Now

Ok...I am ABOUT to be reading it! LOL  As soon as I am done with Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease...I am thinking I will do one post after I read both of them.

I am really excited about this book!  I am a huge believer in carbohydrates and starches.  It makes me sad to see friends go "low carb" in an effort to lose weight.  When eaten correctly (simple vs complex) they can fuel your body, keep you full, and help you shed pounds.  

Also, after the new Paleo hoopla, i'm excited to see something that backs eating starches/carbs/grains.  Rice, potatoes, beans, corn, sweet potatoes...Yes Please!

ANNNNNND....a video :)


  1. I liked this video! I should have Neil watch it. I think he'll like that the Gladiators were vegans. How's that for manly? :)

    1. I think of all the doctors that I am getting to know (LOL), McDougall is my favorite! He is such a good speaker. I would love to go hear him speak. If you add Dr. Novicks page on Facebook, he also has some great videos, recipes, and tips! The Engine 2 Diet FB page is awesome too.