Sunday, May 6, 2012

Because People Have Asked :)

How did we go from being a fast food dependent family, to one who eats a grocery cart full of produce every week?  I've been thinking back and making a mental "timeline" of my weight loss journey, and how i've changed my diet slowly...Where I am now was not part of my original intentions, but I am so glad that my course was veered in this direction :)

I know I should eat better, but do not care...I weigh nearly 200 lbs!  Kyle and the kids eat what I cook.  Usually meat at EVERY meat, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp...yeah :/

January 1st-June 2011
Make the decision that I am tired of carrying my "baby weight", and begin changing my diet.  I cut back red meat to 1x a week, lean meats 3-5x a week, and limit my dairy (especially cheese).  I cut processed foods/fast foods to about 3x a week.  I go from weighing 180(size 14/16) to 138 (size 6/8).  Early June, Kyle was hospitalized with a "cardiac event", complete with lots of meds and a catheterization to check out his arteries (which were clean-yay!  Diagnosed with Prinzmetal's Angina)

July 2011-February 2012
Decide to cut out red meat, and eat less chicken.  Eat more seafood and begin juicing to get nitric oxide from veggies...Begin eating more plants, but still eating some processed and restaurant food.  Holding steady between 135-138 lbs, but weight does not budge. I am stuck at this weight for about 6 months!  Begin a "Biggest Loser Challenge" at the jr. high that I work at.  Kyle begins working out to strengthen his heart, and ups his intake of protein (because-don't you know, you NEED eggs and whey protein to bulk up!  and I need to eat low-fat yogurt and egg whites to lose weight...NOT!  So glad we learned our lesson :)

February 2012-April 2012
Watch the documentary "Forks Over Knives", and it is like a slap in the face!  (A good one! LOL)  Begin to read more about Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. McDougall and how a plant based diet and prevent major diseases)  Load the iPad with vegan cookbooks, and change our shopping habits yet again!
Consume no meat (red meat, turkey, chicken, nothing)  Kyle and I occasionally eat sushi.  Begin to phase out dairy.  Have not eaten cow's milk or cheese, butter, or yogurt.  (Miranda is still addicted to plain biscuits, chocolate and ice cream, but has cut WAAAAAY back :)  1-2x week or so)  Weight drops from 135 to 125, and is holding steady.  I eat constantly, too! :)

May 2012
Read "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" and the "Engine 2 Diet", and make the decision to cut oils from our diet.  Learning that olive oil, coconut oil, pecan oil is NOT what we need for healthy hearts!  It also made me realize that I need to quit kidding myself and thinking that "everything in moderation" is ok.  We use vegetable broth and lots of seasonings on our foods, and saute them in their own natural juices.  Phasing out ALL dairy (even the yummy caramel chocolate bars that are my favorite...oh-and chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen...and the plain McDonalds biscuits that I love)

As Kyle and I were talking today, we asked ourselves "how are we doing?".  My response was that we aren't perfect, but we are doing better than we were yesterday.  And next week, we will be better than today :)  I am so thankful to be married to someone who thinks like me in so many ways.  I am thankful he supports me (in my diet, and so many other areas)  I am happy to try my hardest to provide plant based meals to my family, because after all the studies and research i've seen, I can't NOT do it!!!


  1. Me too!! Neil said "what if we do meat like once per week?" I said "I don't think I could ever cook meat again...and unless it's the only option I have, I never want to eat it again either!" Amazing how things change! Every week gets better!

    1. I seriously do not miss meat. I occasionally want an egg...and cheese. But-it's not something I HAVE to have. My taste buds have changed so much over the last few months. I don't think I can eat meat again either. I had some seafood and cheese today (we traveled) and I feel cruddy. Like-slow and sluggish :( Ready to get back in gear tomorrow! Plus-i'm am done with work on Friday, so i'll be ready to eat normally! LOL I do so much better at home.